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Committed to helping our customers  adapt to more profitable, sustainable and productive farming systems, we deliver the very latest in energy-smart and cutting-edge agricultural lighting solutions.


We ensure integrated and environment-specific solutions that:

Branded as AgriLamp, Greengage products are well-established market leaders in the agricultural  sector.


Products use high-end, precision farming technologies that increase agricultural yields all the while decreasing the environmental impact of production.


Our latest range, containing new patented light induction technology, is designed to be the safest, most energy efficient and user-friendly lighting systems available.


Greengage is an important industry partner within the many multi-stakeholder groups that act as the implementing bodies for sustainable agriculture and food security initiatives.


As such, Greengage is developing a number of collaborative research and field  projects to provide the tools, solutions and best-management methods necessary for the global sustainable intensification of agricultural productivity.


Innovative & Energy-Smart Sustainable Lighting Solutions

Greengage Lighting Ltd. is a leading global manufacturer of intelligent and innovative Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) lighting systems. Our products combine state-of-the-art lighting technology with integrated design to deliver powerful systems that are affordable and easy to use.

  • Are relevant for all agricultural sectors and regions,  

  • Address our consumers individual, financial and business needs.

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